Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wonder how many people actually visit here on a regular basis. I know I do lol, cuz i has no life durr.
HW - I still have tons of drawings that I need to finish T_T

Anyway, if you have anything to say or some suggestion, leave it in the comment section; I do read those.

"What kind of person are you, sirmaam?"
Depends on who you as really. If you ask my close friends, they'll prolly tell you that I'm a pretty cool guy that you can depend on and doesnt afraid of anything etc etc.

If you ask the people in my class, they might tell you that I'm shy at first but after awhile I turn out to be quite funny to be around. They prolly also say that I look fucking feminine with girl jeans and emo hairstyle.

If you ask my fans, they'll prolly say I'm a pretty cute camwhore that delivers original fap material, doesnt afraid of mods/cant get banned, etc etc

If you ask a newfag, they wont know me and will prolly fall for it.

If you ask a jealous hater, they'll give you a shit load of reasons why I'm just a boy in a dress, ugly, bitchy, skinny, etc etc. And I don't care, trolling 420chan's /cd/ is fun.


  1. We all know you're an amazing trap, fapfapfap etc. Most of these faggots only care about that, but I for one want to know moar about darktrap. What kind of person are you, sirmaam?

  2. I personally plan to visit here on a regular(ish) basis. I only discovered chan culture recently and I find the whole trap phenomenon particularly fascinating.

    I'm a very literary type person...whenever I see a picture I'm always wondering what the story behind the picture is...who are these people? What are they thinking? How do they feel in that moment? Are they old friends or did they just meet?

    I came across pictures of you on 420chan and found you very enigmatic, so I very much relish the opourtunity to learn more (in a hopefully non-stalkerish manner) about you.

    hugs and kisses (and warm regards),
    T. Mutation

  3. Your poll has 149 votes, that's pretty good for visitors ;)

    Have you seen the vids for Starcraft 2 yet? They're sweet.

    Humbly requesting more pics of you in girls clothes.

    ~ A nony nony

  4. Do you rave like whoah??? If not, I highly recommend it, jamming out and dancing to loud pulsating electronica is a lovely way to enjoy an evening. Take care

  5. i get on this more and more everyday lulz. but i find it kewl that your so Kawaii in girl clothing and can be a trap. personally i envy you i want to be a trap but i have no real way of being one to be honest ugh to manly lol. well hope i get to know more about you cause it would be kewl ^_^ til later.

    ~King of Sango~

  6. Also post pics of you and your guy hugging, kissing, snuggling, etc. Look sooooo good together.

    ~ Biggest Fan

  7. my bf doesnt want his face on the internet

    I have to respect his choice lol

  8. His face doesn't have to be in the pic. I wouldn't dare ask you hurt someone you care so much for.

  9. all i wan t to say is u are stunning.
    ill be back often

  10. I fap to pix NEED MOAR

  11. YOU ONE HOT BABE. tell more bout yourself. age,height, size (hehe). your bf is only lucky dude. bet he has a hard-on all the time. saw your cool clips on xhampster. two hours later and i still have a boner.